Event Assistance Request Form

We offer a range of support services for local and regional events to help raise funds for our team, give back to the local community, raise awareness of Search & Rescue services in the Peace Region and perform Preventative SAR. If you need assistance with logistics, communication, medical support, or technical needs, please fill out the form below.

Please note that priority is given to events that provide training opportunities to enhance our skills.

Our team has successfully assisted with various events, including:
- Parades
- Competitions
- Triathlons, Runs, and Walks
- Command and Control (People Management)

We welcome all requests; however, we may not be able to accept every request due to our operational schedule and personnel availability. Acceptance depends on various factors, including the scope of the event, specific duties required, and the availability of our team members.

Each request will be reviewed by our operational leadership to determine if we can accommodate it.

Please note that our services are not intended to replace Industrial Paramedic Services for meeting OH&S requirements

Should we be required for a call-out/rescue mission from a tasking agency, we will have to depart your event.
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TSR is a volunteer-driven organization. Our members generously dedicate their time to fundraising activities, which primarily support our training and equipment needs. We also receive financial support through honorariums, donations, and grants, often earned by volunteering at community events.

Please let us know the amount of any honorarium available for volunteering at this event.

Please ensure that all planning details and route maps are submitted at least one month before the event date. Additional information, including route maps, will be requested following approval by the Technical Search & Rescue Board of DIrectors. Make sure all the required information is provided and then click submit.