"It is the surmounting of difficulties that makes heros."
- Louis Kossuth

"Impossibilities are merely things which we have not yet learned."
- Charles W. Chesnutt

"Neither fire nor wind, birth nor death can erase our good deeds."
- Buddha

"Courage is the ladder on which all the other virtues mount."
- Clare Boothe Luce

"Unpaid Professionals... 100% Donation Funded"
- Technical Search & Rescue

"We Serve... So Others May Live..."


Frequently Asked Questions

Why “Technical” Search & Rescue?

  • While the primary focus of Search & Rescue teams in Alberta is Ground Search & Rescue (GSAR) our group has specialized in several advanced rescue techniques.  TSR operates and maintains three specialist teams along with advanced training in Incident Command Systems.  Our specialist teams are:
    • Remote Medical Response & Evacuation
    • Rope Rescue
    • Swift Water Rescue

Why does your website say that recruiting is Closed?

  • Technical Search and Rescue has adopted an annual recruiting strategy.  The strategy ensures that we can properly train new members to be effective and safe when deployed to the field.   The process is as follows:

    • December 15th – Recruitment Opens
    • January 30th – Recruitment Closes
    • January 8th – Open house
    • February 11th – Recruit hike
    • February 20th to 24th – Candidate Interviews Begin
    • February 25th – Online Orientation Begins
    • April & May – Search and Rescue Basic Training
    • June – New members begin mentorship
  • Despite the nature of our annual recruiting strategy if you have existing SAR experience and can provide us with a letter of reference from your past group within 1 year our board of directors will evaluate each candidate on a case-by-case basis.

I want to help your group but I don’t want to go out and walk through the forest can I still help?

  • Yes, Technical Search and Rescue has positions available for anybody who wants to serve their community.  If you are not interested in field operations our support team would be an option.  If you want additional information about the support team please email recruiting@tsrgp.org

Where do you get your funding?

  • Technical Search and Rescue is 100% donation funded.  We receive grants from provincial and municipal governments to help with training and operations.  The base that we use is a shared space with the City of Grande Prairie and we are graciously allowed to use this space without cost to our group.