Links to Search and Rescue Resources:

  1. Adventure Smart
    • Website: Adventure Smart
    • Description: Adventure Smart provides valuable information and resources to help outdoor enthusiasts stay safe and prepared during their adventures. From trip planning to emergency response, Adventure Smart equips individuals with essential skills and knowledge for enjoying outdoor activities responsibly.
  2. Alberta Critical Incident Provincial Network (ABCISM)
    • Website: ABCISM
    • Description: The Alberta Critical Incident Provincial Network (ABCISM) is a collaborative effort between agencies and organizations involved in critical incident stress management in Alberta. Their website offers resources and support for individuals and teams involved in critical incident response and management.
  3. Get Prepared
    • Website: Get Prepared
    • Description: Get Prepared is a comprehensive resource provided by the Government of Canada to help Canadians prepare for emergencies and disasters. The website offers practical advice, checklists, and tools for creating emergency plans, building emergency kits, and staying informed during emergencies.
  4. Grande Cache Search and Rescue
    • Website: Grande Cache SAR
    • Description: Grande Cache Search and Rescue is a volunteer-based organization dedicated to providing search and rescue services in the Grande Cache area of Alberta. Their website offers information about their team, services, and how to get involved or request assistance.
  5. MD of Greenview Search and Rescue
    • Facebook Page: MD of Greenview SAR
    • Description: The MD of Greenview Search and Rescue team operates in the Greenview area of Alberta. While they may not have a dedicated website, their Facebook page provides updates, news, and information about their activities and initiatives.
  6. Search and Rescue Alberta (SAR Alberta)
    • Website: SAR Alberta
    • Description: SAR Alberta serves as the umbrella organization for search and rescue teams across the province. Their website provides information about member teams, resources for volunteers, and updates on search and rescue operations in Alberta.