Equine / Heavy Animal Rescue

Evidence Search

Ground Search and Rescue

Ice Rescue

Medical First Responder
TSR’s Medical First Response team was established in 2008 and made us the first in Canada to have Advanced Care Paramedics working to full scope integrated within our search teams. Our team consists of Wilderness Medical Responders, Emergency Medical Responders, Primary Care Paramedics, Advanced Care Paramedics and Registered Nurses. Through the use of various technology, we also maintain access to Online Medical Consultation with emergency physicians.

Rescue Boat Operator

Rope Rescue/Back Country Rope Rescue

Search Managers
Search Managers are experienced Search & Rescue Workers who have completed additional training to enable them to organize and coordinate search and rescue operations. Managers plan the response, taking into account the available resources, expertise and training, while continuously gathering information about the incident. Managers are trained in advanced Incident Command Systems, Lost person behaviours, Risk Assessment & Mitigation. Managers are responsible for every member of the search team from page-out to demobilization.

Swift Water Rescue


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